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B.o.B - Olympic projectNews

Posted by Dirk Van Dijk 06 Sep, 2012 09:58AM

Hi all,

A few weeks back Game & Mash participated in the Best Of British indie game dev hack-a-thon over a weekend, creating games around the Olympics theme.

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We had a blast and would like to warmly thank Mind Candy for having us stay in their offices for 2 days and everyone involved for their company and efforts.

The final app is a compilation of everyone's games and Game & Mash made two of them; Viking Hurdles and Viking Rowing.
The app has been submitted to Apple for release and we are working on a bit of promo.

Keep your eyes peeled (^_^) in the meantime here are some concepts sketches for our B.o.B games.

You can follow B.o.B on Facebook here.

GxM's Blog is Live !!!News

Posted by Dirk Van Dijk 15 Mar, 2012 11:46AM

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